Lilian Mungra Yon Dan

IKO Kyokushinkaikan

Official Dojo Operator

国際空手道連盟 極真会館

School manager of Karateschool HIKARI department Hoogerheide city.

Highschool teacher in vocational education and Remedial Teacher.
Started in the years ‘70 her study Kyokushin karate at doyjo John Reeberg shihan and Peter Voogt shihan at Rotterdam city.

Since 1994 she practiced karate and selfdefence at karateschool Hikari.


1995-2000 study stickfighting (Jodo) with Martin Gravestijn shihan. From 1983 till 1998 continuous Dutch champion in lady’s kumite Kyokushin karate. From 1994 till 1999 teacher summerschool teacher in Polen and in 1998 together with Yamaki. Participated 1996 at the first lady’s world tournament in New York. Received in 1997 from Kancho Matsui Akira the International Instructors certificaat. In 1998 she participated for two days in Bercy (Paris) together with Matsui Kancho, Francisco Filho sensei, Nicolas Petas sempai and Gosse Meerstra sensei for a lot of spectators succesful in karate demonstrations.

Study: Historical science at the Erasmus university at Rotterdam city. She practiced over 25 years topsport. Certificated as Internationaal Referee in 1992. 1993-1999 Laydy’s Federation Coach. She is Kata expert and expert in coaching children in karate.

Sustain where others will stop
Personal self management: Discipline and flexibility
Uprightness: Honourable and sincere to every one
Cooperate: Always find concurrency
Decisional: Always take own responsibility

Hoe zou jij vandaag trainen als je zou weten dat je morgen voor je leven moet vechten?